Blogging my death #3

I knooooooow. I know. I told I was gonna write something here about my death, BUT. I'm dying... and it takes time!
Besides, I don't know what to tell, 'cause there's only one thing in my mind (apart from food, friends, boys, more boys and Alex Turner): the 8th of february. I'll tell you. My days are basically getting up, going to the university, comming back from the university, shut the door of my room and study. Ocasionally I go to the kitchen to take some fruit (just to avoid getting fat) and...sometimes I sleep. My life is getting more and more boring and I don't have those witty comments or thoughts any more... or at least, I don't remember them when I am to write here. So... i'm soooooorry, but this is the end of this freaking stupid project.
Thanks for reading.
Oh, of course this is not a GOOD BYE. It's just about the "blogging thing", so don't worry. You'll still have some sentimental and sickly sweet texts here.

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